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All our prcies are inclusive of fitting, balancing, valves and VAT.


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When you want high quality, excellent value car or van tyres, you can rely on us. We offer a comprehensive range of new tyres at low prices. With access to over half a million tyres, from low-cost economy models to ultra-high-performance designs, we have something to suit your vehicle and budget. Take your pick from top makes including Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli and Michelin to find the ideal van or car tyres.

Care Tire

Every car owner knows how critical a good set of tyres is. Worn out tyres can be a significant safety issue for you and your loved ones, and if the tread of the tyre is below 1.6mm it would be illegal to drive it on UK roads. We at AutoTyre understand that not everyone is educated on what constitutes a safe and unsafe tyre, as such, we offer free tyre safety checks and advice for everyone, in addition to free wheel alignment checks.

However, with a record high in tyre prices, many are looking to avoid purchasing new tyres and are depending on re-treaded and part-worn tyres. Re-treading does work; but only till a certain length of time, after which the tyres become unsafe. And there is nothing inherently 'wrong' about part-worn tyres if bought from a reputable garage that carries out all the necessary safety checks (the difficult bit). To protect our customers from re-treaded and unsafe part-worn tyres we offer some of the lowest-priced budget tyres in the Halesowen area, without compromising on quality. To make sure that you and your passengers stay safe during the daily commute, we at AutoTyre, have brought our extensive range of products to our Halesowen workshop.

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Important Information At Your Fingertips

We know choosing the right tyre is never an easy task, to help make you make informed choices, we have provided a range of resources that give you access to important information at the click of a button. Follow the links below to discover more about topics including tyre markings, tread depth, pressure and safety. If you have any questions about our fitted tyres or would like further information or advice, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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