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  • How can I buy tyres?
    You can buy tyres online through AutoTyre at affordable prices. The garage’s website allows you to input your vehicle’s registration no and presents you with a list of the best tyres for your car’s make and model. Just select one, make the payment and get your tyres, fully fitted at the garage.
  • What size are my tyres?
    You can identify the size of your tyres by referring to your car’s user manual, or by asking a professional at AutoTyre to understand the alphanumeric code on your sidewall. It represents an alphanumeric digit code to show tyre width, aspect ratio, symmetry, and diameter. We have added an example below to help you.
  • What tyres do I need?
    You can refer to a wide variety of tyres available at AutoTyre and choose according to your driving habits and road conditions. If your tyres are likely to get a puncture and you don’t have a spare tyre, go for run-flats or tubeless tyres. Also, choose seasonal tyres to tackle dry or icy road condition, accordingly.
  • What makes good tyres?
    Some of the factor that make a tyre ideal for driving include- excellent wet-road gripping, dry handling ability, exceptional tread design with a high depth, proper groove channels for water evacuation. You can also refer to the tyre’s EU rating to know about its test ratings.
  • Do tyre brands really matter?
    Short answer- Yes! A premium or branded tyre makes a world of difference by providing you with ‘A’ rated quality in terms of performance, durability, fuel-economy, wet-gripping and other parameters as well. However, if you’re using the vehicle for your daily commute and picking up the kids from school you most likely don’t need expensive high-performance tyres. Go according to your needs, and this is where one of our friendly technicians can help.
  • How long do tyres last?
    It all depends upon your driving habits. If you drive long miles on a daily basis, you can expect your tyres to start losing its abilities after 1.5-2.5 years. If you don’t drive daily, and have smooth roads in your region, your tyres can last anywhere between 4-5years, but beware of cracks forming on your tyres, which can come about when you keep your tyres in that 4-5 year range.
  • How would under-inflated tyres affect your vehicle?
    Underinflated tyres cannot hold the weight of your car and makes it prone to tyre-blowouts. You will also face difficulties like hard-steering and vehicle sliding towards one side of the road. Get it replaced immediately by AutoTyre or risk permanent tyre damage.
  • What is the speed rating on tyres?
    The tyre speed rating is used to determine how much speed you can safely drive on, provided a specific load index. Violating this speed rating can cause tyre blowouts, punctures and permanent wheel damage as well.
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