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Wheel Alignment 

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Offering free wheel alignment checks at AutoTyre now


What is wheel alignment?

In its simplest terms, wheel alignment is the direction in which your tyres point, however, the consequences of misalignment are not so simple. In more technical terms, the main purpose of this procedure is to align your wheel’s camber, caster and toe angles into proportion. 

Tyres fitted to wheels that are incorrectly aligned are highly likely to suffer from premature and uneven tread wear, impact both lifespan and safety of your tyres. 


How can I spot alignment issues before my tyre wear out?


The symptoms to watch for include:

  • Your car veers to one side when driving on a straight road

  • Your steering wheel remains at an angle while driving straight

  • Your fuel consumption has increased

Why do my wheels get misaligned? 


Minor and major driving incidents can cause your wheels to be misaligned, such as driving over potholes, hitting a kerb and going over road bumps too hard. We at AutoTyre recommend having your wheel alignment checked, for free, anytime you change your tyres or when you have steering/ suspension work done.  

Here are the benefits of correctly aligned wheels:

  • Your tyres will wear evenly meaning that you will not need to replace your tyres as frequently

  • Your car will achieve its maximum fuel efficiency, therefore saving you money on fuel

  • Your car will naturally drive straight and provide optimum handling

  • Your steering wheel will remain level

  • You will avoid putting unnecessary strain on your vehicle, prolonging the life of your steering and suspension components

Care Tire

Let’s put a stop to those wheels alignment near me searches and have your alignment checked, for free, by one of our professionally qualified technicians, using state of the art equipment.

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* Although we offer some of the cheapest 4-wheel alignment services in Halesowen area we can assure you that we never compromise on our quality standards. We have made a name for ourselves with dedication and unmatched services, and we intend to always live up to our reputation.

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